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Magic Time..
February 27th, 2010MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I haven’t written anything new on here in quite awhile. I’m working on a commissioned piece at the moment, as well as creating a slew of new designs for my own collection. My bench and I are spending a lot of time together. I’m also approaching design in a slightly different way this time around. […]

A Long Time Coming
December 3rd, 2009MusingsMegan 10 Comments

In an earlier post I spoke about my dragonfly sightings (up to three at last count). For years I have been asked to create a dragonly-inspired piece of jewelry, and for years I have resisted; I have no idea why, maybe I’m just stubborn. Anyway, I took these sightings to be a major message that […]

A Jeweled Tribute to Theda Bara
November 11th, 2009MusingsMegan 6 Comments

Theda Bara was an American, silent film actress. She was the first studio-produced, sex symbol, and it was for her that the term “vamp” was coined. This photo of her from her portrayal of Cleopatra (I think) has haunted me for years. Like most silent film stars, Theda had an extraordinarily expressive face and I […]

Dragonflies. Switch Plates and My Foray into Home Decor
July 24th, 2009MusingsMegan 12 Comments

I recently started etching metal again after a year long hiatus. What prompted me to delve into the world of ferric chloride was a dragonfly sighting. I was in a taxi driving up 6th avenue a few weeks ago when I looked out the window and saw a dragonfly soaring along side the car. I […]

May 28th, 2009MusingsMegan 0 Comments

Last night, much to my horror, I discovered that my blog had been infected by some sort of virus, and I had to delete two of my entires. I’ve gotten everything cleared up now and I’ve re-posted them below. This was more of a nuisance than anything else, but what saddened me was needing to […]

The Curse of the Alumnae Newsletter, or Why Jewelry?
May 28th, 2009MusingsMegan 0 Comments

My primary years of education were spent at a magical girls’ school in the Philadelphia suburbs. I say magical, because I have never seen a more beautiful campus (an old Victorian hotel surrounded by weeping cherry trees), and because it is a place that so fervently believes in the brilliance and talent of young women. […]

Jewelry for the Senses
December 23rd, 2008MusingsMegan 3 Comments

This is the phrase that Paloma Picasso once used to describe her perfume. I’ve always loved this particular description and thought it was a wonderful way to describe the various unnecessary pleasures we all enjoy. The little things that make life better. Today I’m using this phrase to describe candy: specifically toffee. My mother taught […]

December 3rd, 2008MusingsMegan 3 Comments

My mother recently commented that all the jewelry I’ve been creating lately has an element of transformation, “Snakes and cicadas: shedding skin and change!”. I broke out laughing. I hadn’t consciously realized this, but of course! These are topics that have been weighing heavily on my mind, so naturally they would come out in my […]

Smoke and Mirrors: My Work in Progress
September 6th, 2008MusingsMegan 3 Comments

I’ve been asked quite a few times in recent months about my creative process; where do I find inspiration, do I sketch everything first?, etc. In some cases I wasn’t immediately able to answer the question. This has caused me to pay far greater attention to how I work. My tendency is to come up […]

Love, Spirit and Other Big Themes
August 6th, 2008MusingsMegan 6 Comments

I was originally going to title this post “Abstract Concepts and Jewelry”; just typing that I can hear the sound of crickets and peoples’ eyes rolling back in their heads from boredom.A year or two ago I was working at my bench when a thought suddenly struck me, “Why do I rarely see abstract concepts […]

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