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Mood Indigo, Part 2
April 25th, 2015MusingsMegan 0 Comments

“Indigo teaches me to be humble in life. There is something bigger and taller than me; I am nothing. How can so much beauty and hugeness come from that tiny leaf? It is like trying to understand God- you cannot in a lifetime understand everything of indigo. You cannot really put words to the emotion. […]

Mood Indigo, Part 1
April 13th, 2015MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I visited Guadalajara for the second time in  Autumn 2013 during the Day of the Dead celebrations,  and discovered a city overflowing with beautiful imagery: lush trees with roots so large the sidewalks buckled, Spanish colonial architecture, Moorish star windows, hummingbirds, yellow- orange cempasuchil marigolds, Art Nouveau ornamentation and a particular shade of blue called […]

Water Lilies
June 2nd, 2013Musings, New PieceMegan 0 Comments

As a child, almost all of my family’s vacations were spent on tropical islands (not the greatest climate for a blue eyed, redhead I might add). To this day there is a certain kind of heat-backed, spicy floral scent that means “home” and “safe” to me. I have a vivid image from when I was […]

Dragonflies Revisited.
July 22nd, 2011MusingsMegan 0 Comments

Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragonfly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky. ~Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Silent Noon ************** For someone who was initially so resistant about carving a dragonfly piece, I’ve become something of a junkie: I can’t get enough of them! As soon as the warm weather came this year […]

Wings, part 2
April 25th, 2011MusingsMegan 0 Comments

Before I begin this tale, let me just say that I like pigeons. I know to many they are “rats with wings”, but to me they are “doves with a bad reputation”. Last summer after my visit with the Shaman, so many strange things began to occur in my life, both good and bad. This […]

March 25th, 2011MusingsMegan 2 Comments

  “I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” ” I’ve felt that ever since Richard started giving me jewelry, there was some meaning in it for him, too. He would do it with such a twinkle and with such glee. he’d say, ‘I […]

Luisa’s Snakes: Ode to the Marchesa, part 2
March 21st, 2011MusingsMegan 2 Comments

Luisa, the Marchesa Casati, loved animals. It is said that she had a deep understanding and could connect with creatures thought to be un-tamable. At her palazzo in Venice she kept a coterie of albino blackbirds, white peacocks, a pair of cheetahs, her beloved greyhounds and at least one snake. While she loved the wild […]

Carving the Arcadia Pendant- slightly abbreviated
November 5th, 2010MusingsMegan 3 Comments

I’d been itching to make a big pendant; something that is dramatic and has as strong presence. This is the piece that emerged. I didn’t start with a formal drawing this time, I just started sketching on the wax. Blocking out, and roughly carving the wax. Fine tuning the carving, i.e. “making it pretty” And […]

The Spider Pendant
March 22nd, 2010Musings, New PieceMegan 2 Comments

An extraordinary teacher, named Raven Keyes, came into my life last summer. Raven is a Reiki Master Teacher, Lightworker and all around Healer. After my first Reiki session with her, I was so moved by what I experienced that I decided to take the training to become a practitioner myself. Reiki has brought so many […]

And one more thing…
February 27th, 2010MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I finally, FINALLY, have a website: !

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