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A Valentines Day Sale!
February 14th, 2011New PieceMegan 0 Comments

As many of you know, I named my jewelry after my Grandmother Lura Mozelle Bauguess Richardson. I always think of her on Valentines Day. During my teenage years she would invariably ask me, “Did you receive any valentines from a special friend today?”. Now, in my Grandmother’s lexicon “Special Friend” could mean anything from a […]

Carving the Arcadia Pendant- slightly abbreviated
November 5th, 2010MusingsMegan 3 Comments

I’d been itching to make a big pendant; something that is dramatic and has as strong presence. This is the piece that emerged. I didn’t start with a formal drawing this time, I just started sketching on the wax. Blocking out, and roughly carving the wax. Fine tuning the carving, i.e. “making it pretty” And […]

November 2nd, 2010New PieceMegan 0 Comments

I started thinking about the idea of a Utopia earlier this year, and all the myths of Arcadia started coming to mind: an earthly paradise of peace, harmony and attunement to nature. My newest collection is about striving for that ideal. The primary motifs are flowers and butterflies representing Nature, along with the lyre, representing […]

Butterfly and the Wisdom of a Shaman
October 4th, 2010New PieceMegan 1 Comments

This summer was one of the strangest of my life; there’s really no other way to describe it. It started out normally enough, but through a series of surprises, twists, turns and a few medical tests thrown in for good measure, I found myself in the office of a Shaman. Before I could even tell […]

The Spider Pendant
March 22nd, 2010Musings, New PieceMegan 2 Comments

An extraordinary teacher, named Raven Keyes, came into my life last summer. Raven is a Reiki Master Teacher, Lightworker and all around Healer. After my first Reiki session with her, I was so moved by what I experienced that I decided to take the training to become a practitioner myself. Reiki has brought so many […]

And one more thing…
February 27th, 2010MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I finally, FINALLY, have a website: !

Magic Time..
February 27th, 2010MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I haven’t written anything new on here in quite awhile. I’m working on a commissioned piece at the moment, as well as creating a slew of new designs for my own collection. My bench and I are spending a lot of time together. I’m also approaching design in a slightly different way this time around. […]

A Long Time Coming
December 3rd, 2009MusingsMegan 10 Comments

In an earlier post I spoke about my dragonfly sightings (up to three at last count). For years I have been asked to create a dragonly-inspired piece of jewelry, and for years I have resisted; I have no idea why, maybe I’m just stubborn. Anyway, I took these sightings to be a major message that […]

A Jeweled Tribute to Theda Bara
November 11th, 2009MusingsMegan 6 Comments

Theda Bara was an American, silent film actress. She was the first studio-produced, sex symbol, and it was for her that the term “vamp” was coined. This photo of her from her portrayal of Cleopatra (I think) has haunted me for years. Like most silent film stars, Theda had an extraordinarily expressive face and I […]

Dragonflies. Switch Plates and My Foray into Home Decor
July 24th, 2009MusingsMegan 12 Comments

I recently started etching metal again after a year long hiatus. What prompted me to delve into the world of ferric chloride was a dragonfly sighting. I was in a taxi driving up 6th avenue a few weeks ago when I looked out the window and saw a dragonfly soaring along side the car. I […]

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