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Bee Dreams
May 10th, 2012New PieceMegan 2 Comments

I don’t know when I realized how much I love carving insects, but realize it, I did. A few months ago I asked the wonderful people on my facebook page, and on twitter, what insect they would like to see me carve next. There were so many great ideas, but the one that came up the most was a bee.I loved that idea!

So, I started collecting bee images and began plotting out the design in my mind.

One night, a few days before I was going to begin carving, I had a very vivid dream in which I went into a hive to meet the Queen Bee. I remember a beautiful amber light, and the smell of honey. The Queen Bee told me that she was going to, personally, guide me in the execution of this piece. I asked her if there was anything bees would like to teach humans, or if there was something she’d like humans to know about bees. She said:

You must understand, we think so very differently than you. Most humans seem to live predominantly in their heads- endlessly agonizing over details. To be a Bee means to have a Purpose. we don’t think endlessly about things. When we wake, we know we have a job to do. We know that job is important.Our purpose fulfills us. We wish humans would learn this: know that you are here for a reason, know your purpose and do it! Don’t think so much!

   So there you are. Upon waking I feverishly fumbled in the dark to write this all down.
I got started the next day and carved the ring to feature two bees flanking a 12x10mm stone with a scattering of flowers. In the dream I was also told to carve a “doorway’ in the ring ( make of this what you will) and I honored that by carving a small beehive on the inside of the ring.

        I really do feel like an unseen hand helped guide this piece. And I will never look at bees the same way again.



'2 Responses to “Bee Dreams”'
  1. Lini says:

    Amazing, Megan!

  2. 15 says:

    Divine intercession from the Bee matrix! Love it. Beautifully materialised into jewellery, the little door is very precious. I make of it that anything can be a door into the inner world where the Wisdom of Bees is accessed. Sublime!

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