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A Valentines Day Sale!
February 14th, 2011New PieceMegan 0 Comments

As many of you know, I named my jewelry after my Grandmother Lura Mozelle Bauguess Richardson. I always think of her on Valentines Day. During my teenage years she would invariably ask me, “Did you receive any valentines from a special friend today?”.
Now, in my Grandmother’s lexicon “Special Friend” could mean anything from a dear childhood friend to the man you’d been living with for 30 years ( and anything in between). In my case she was, undoubtedly, referring to a specific boy, but knowing that she would never ask me outright I enjoyed torturing her.
In an effort to respond as vaguely as possible I’d say something like: ” I received many lovely valentines”.
To which she would respond, “But were any of them particularly special ?” I would then say, “Oh, yes! Some were beautifully made.”
Her mounting frustration was palpable. Teenagers can be maddening.
Along with enjoying Valentines Day, my Grandmother was a woman who loved a good sale. In honor of her, I have put a multitude of my pieces on sale with prices ranging from 20-50% off the original. The offerings can be seen here.

I hope wherever you are today, you are with someone special !


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