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Magic Time..
February 27th, 2010MusingsMegan 2 Comments

I haven’t written anything new on here in quite awhile. I’m working on a commissioned piece at the moment, as well as creating a slew of new designs for my own collection.

My bench and I are spending a lot of time together.

I’m also approaching design in a slightly different way this time around. I mentioned before that I tend to come at things with a “Big Concept” (I say that with a slight smirk). But right now, I don’t have one.
A few weeks ago I took down my big box of stones and just started playing around with color combinations. When the assemblage pictured below appeared, well, I knew it was love at first sight.

These stones have provided so much inspiration, and are really propelling new designs forward. I hope to be writing about these pieces very soon.
I hope wherever you are, you are having an inspired weekend, too!


'2 Responses to “Magic Time..”'
  1. kerin rose says:

    look at your beautiful bench!…I am so happy you are feeling inspired!…it is always good to try turning your ‘working methods’ inside out to see what comes of it!

    gorgeous stones Megan! I cannot wait to see what they bring you!
    ox K

    ( the word verification is : antholes!

  2. Megan Steer says:

    You inspired the picture of my bench! I remember when you posted a picture of yours– I love seeing peoples workspaces I realize.
    You have certainly been creating some beautiful new work!

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