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A Long Time Coming
December 3rd, 2009MusingsMegan 10 Comments

In an earlier post I spoke about my dragonfly sightings (up to three at last count). For years I have been asked to create a dragonly-inspired piece of jewelry, and for years I have resisted; I have no idea why, maybe I’m just stubborn. Anyway, I took these sightings to be a major message that I really needed to finally carve a dragonfly ring.
Much like the switchplate, this turned out to be easier said than done! I lost track of how many version of this piece I’ve made, but, at last, I created a ring I’m just thrilled with. I think it is one of the best things I’ve ever made.
When a specific animal keeps crossing my path I like to look up their meaning in Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. According to this book, dragonflies bring messages about the nature of illusion. They ask you to look at your own life and realize what is truth and what are the illusions you have created that restrict your your actions/ideas and keep you from realizing your goals. Poweful stuff!
Much like the cicada ring that I created last year as a reminder of transformation, I now wear this dragonfly to remind me of my own power, and that ultimately the majority of obstacles in my life are, truly, my own creation and can removed with a change of mindset.

This is my wish for everyone else, too.


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  1. kerin rose says:

    Megan, you have positively OUTDONE yourself…beauty beyond words….sometimes I think it takes us a while to get to carving something beacuse we are not yet ready to bring it to its fullest expression…then…pow! boom! bam!…exactly what we meant to say with our art pours out of us…

    bravo!..ox K

  2. Wow, you are so creative. I love meaningful jewelry. Well done!

  3. Annette says:

    This ring is stunning. I’ve always liked dragonflies, now I know why!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous ring, but even more – I enjoyed your story. It really inspired me and gave me something to think about regarding things going on in my own life. I will look at dragonflys in a different light now! Thank you again

  5. Megan Steer says:

    Thank you all so much for writing such beautiful words (and taking the time to write them!). You’ve made my evening!

  6. Kenneth Fron says:

    Gorgeous rings!!! WOW!

  7. Your work is just stunning!!

  8. Megan, your cicada is fab, and the dragonfly is positively intoxicating! I think you should seriously consider doing a version of the dragonfly to enter into the AGTA spectrum design award contest. The winners are displayed at the Tucson Gem Show in Feb. every year.
    I’ve been in wholesale diamonds for ~20 years, I do some design work too so I feel qualified to say that this is exceptional. What a pleasure to stumble upon your ad on Facebook!

  9. Mary says:

    Diamond Ring is my favorite!!This pieces just came out beautifully! I love all the details you’ve added to them. Wonderful job.

  10. Megan Steer says:

    I hadn’t been on here for awhile and just found these lovely comments!

    Three Little Birds: Thank you so much! That’s an incredible compliment.

    Stacey:Thank you for saying that- I really appreciate it. I’ve thought about applying for the AGTA spectrum design contest, but I didn’t think my pieces were “unusual” enough (for lack of a better word). I’m seriously going to reconsider this now. thank you so much for writing!

    Mary: Thank you so much. My work is very much a labor of love, and it means a lot to me when people connect with it.

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